East Coast’s NOHC (‘knock’) is the phenom EDM trio from New York comprised of Marlon Nigro - DJ/Producer, Suzanne Real – Vocals, and Kris Von – Sampler/ Guitar. NOHC (N-O-H-C scientifically), are essential elements and important derivatives of the chemical formula for adrenaline — a must-have for that “BOOM! in life”. NOHC’s sounds are influenced by multiple subgenres within EDM, including dubstep, electro-house, and trance. There are no limits to the seamless, collective blend of Real’s soulful vocals + Marlon Nigro's unique soundscapes + Kris Von’s dubstep influences that create NOHC's signature sound = a sweet and powerful musical fuse of all the above-mentioned subgenres altogether. With NOHC in its place, Electronic Dance Music is further-evolved-sound for your ears, body, and mind.